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Shipping information

We know that there is nothing more exciting than receiving your metal detector device, that’s why we try hard to ship our products out fast by delivery companies that are able to deliver it safely in great condition. All our products are shipped worldwide for FREE via DHL Express service. Delivery normally takes from 5-8 days, depending on the country.

Returns, exchanges & cancellation

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, any customer feedback is valuable to us to improve our products and services. Since there are many different people that can sometimes exploit online purchases, we set some clear rules about returns and exchanges.


Returns & exchanges:

Within 7 days of receipt of your online order you may exchange or return in original condition. Products must be unused, unassembled and with all included accessories and documentation. Before shipping product back, you must notify us via email info@treasurehunter3d.com. Refunds are issued once product is returned to our production facility and examined & tested for any damage. For products that are returned damaged or with significant signs of improper use we reserve the right to return to the customer only partial refund.


Non-defective Merchandise

Return shipping and insurance on non-defective merchandise is customer responsibility.


Defective Merchandise

If you receive a defective product, you must notify us via email info@treasurehunter3d.com within 7 days of receipt. We will pick up the equipment and deliver replacement unit at no charge.


Special products

TreasureHunter, GoldenEye, GoldenEye Plus, RoverDrone or customized items are not returnable.


Order cancellation policy

Please submit any cancellation via email info@treasurehunter3d.com As soon as we will received your email with order ID, your name and phone number we will cancel the order and give a refund. If item was already shipped before it was cancelled, we will refund your payment total without the shipping costs.


All our products have 2 year limited warranty.

The metal detector device is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for one year from the date of purchase. Damage due to neglect, accidental damage or misuse of this product is not covered under this warranty. Decisions regarding abuse or misuse of the detector are made solely at the discretion of the manufacturer. Proof of Purchase is required to make a claim under this warranty. Liability under this Warranty is limited to replacing or repairing, at manufacturer choice. Warranty does not cover shipping costs.

Warranty for battery is 1 year.

According to FCC part 15.21 Changes or Modifications made to this device not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the users authority to operate this equipment.


Even when product is not inside warranty anymore we still offer/guarantee service & repair or upgrade of the device.



Do TreasureHunter3D collect any user information via apps?

We are several time asked if our applications collect any user information like GPS location - the answer is NO. Our application does store images or location of scan data locally on users smartphone only when user gives permissions. Scan data can only be shared or transferred from smartphone device on user request.


Does device or smartphone need internet or GPS to operate during treasure hunting?

No. Internet connection or GPS are not required for the device to operate and none of user data is ever send to any server or being shared without user awareness. User has possibility to share data only on his demand using standard iOS/Android sharing feature that is described in the user manual. GPS location can be used to locally store location of taken scans, but only if user enable this feature in the application settings.


What kind of objects can be discovered using TreasureHunter3D detectors?

Precious metals like gold and silver, ancient bronze objects, caves, tunnels, caverns, water sites, tombs, vases, graves, underground pipe lines, oild wells, old wine cellars, world war findings.


Can device determine size, shape and depth of buried object?

Yes, device can determine size, shape and depth by using ground scan feature.


Which smartphone devices are supported?

All iPhone devices from iPhone4s on with installed >=iOS 8. Android smartphone devices (to confirm compatibility simply check if application can be installed on your smartphone). We do not support any software for tablets, PC, or MAC devices.


Can your detectors be used underwater?

Our detectors are not 100% waterproof and therefore cannot be used for underwater use. There is a possibility to use them underwater if they are placed in a water protection plastic bag.


How do TreasureHunter3D detectors detect gold and non-ferromagnetic objects?

3D ground scan detectors are best in detecting ferromagnetic objects, but this is not a limitation. Due to high sensitivity and environment situations where the gold or precious treasures are places, these metal detectors can be the best choice for professional treasure hunters.

Disseminated gold, placer gold deposits or natural gold and veins in consolidated soil can be easily detected by detector since they are associated with mineralized zones which also contain magnetite or other magnetic minerals. Solid gold can be detected only if it is buried in soil that normally contains small amount of magnetite or magnetic material or it is placed in a chest or other metallic box.

Magnetic holes that are in most cases created by man when digging a hole at any specific location on the Earth’s crust cause anomalies in the magnetic signatures that can be easily detected by 3d metal detector. Such holes offten hide gold or other valuable objects.

In other words, classic metal detectors are much better when the goal is to find a single coin buried up to 30 cm under that sand on the beach or discriminate between different metals, while 3D metal detectors perform better when users seeks for bigger treasures that can be buried way deeper and non-metalic objects (placer gold deposits, chests, caves, tunnels, caverns..) that cannot be find by classic metal detectors, but in many cases hide gold or other precious treasures.


How do TreasureHunter3D detectors detect non-metallic objects?

Detection of non-metallic objects is a unique feature of TreasureHunter3D detectors that cannot be achieved with classic metal detectors. For detection of non-metallic objects, TreasureHunter3D detector uses very sensible multi-sensor technology that can detect small magnetic differences between soil that normally contains small amount of magnetite or magnetic material and other type of non-metallic material or objects like caves, tunnels, caverns, water sites, tombs, vases, graves, underground pipe lines, old wine cellars. This differences can be well seen using the 3D ground scan, from which the user can get a good insight in size and shape of such objects.


Can TreasureHunter3D metal detectors descriminate between different type of objects?

Discrimintaion of 3D metal detectors is not as good as with classic metal detectors, anyhow there is a possiblity to do the interpretation of magnetic signiture and determine if object is feromagnetic, non-feromagnetic or non-metalic, but results may not be 100% accurate in all cases.


Can TreasureHunter3D metal detectors find gems?

In nature, diamonds are found in areas where there have been volcanic activity or erosion and where natural elements such as streams, rivers or glaciers might have taken them. Prospectors follow the indicator trail back to gold or the volcanic pipe which may contain diamonds. Interestingly, some of the same indicator minerals for gold are also indicators for diamonds. Among the most common indicator minerals for diamonds are chromium garnets, glassy green olivine, black picro-ilmenite, and magnetite. Garnet and magnetite are also both good indicators for gold. So, if you find gold, there may be a diamond rock nearby. Also, pure crystals of garnet are valuable gemstones. Garnet varieties occur in shades of green, red, yellow, and orange. In other words, metal detectors will not directly detect gemstones, diamonds and pearls, what a metal detector can do is to lead you to indicator minerals, that are present on places that hide all these precious treasures.


What to do if Android application cannot be installed to my device due to incompatibility even if smartphone is a new model?

Please go to Settings -> About Phone,  make a screenshot and send it to us. If your device is capable to run our application we will manage to add it to the list of supported devices.


What to do if iPhone application is not working properly anymore after upgrade?

Try to:

If none of the above help, please contact our support.

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